Welcome to our new website. You will notice a few changes from the old website which reflect changes on the ground which have arisen as a result of a certain amount of estate re-organisation between myself and my siblings.

The first thing I should say is that since my niece has moved into Helbeck Hall it has been appropriate for the shoot to move out. This has been facilitated by the purchase of Greena, which is now Ben and Vickie’s home, the centre of shoot operations and office location. Greena is marked on the location map on this site.

Helbeck Hall is no longer the meeting point on shoot days. For the coming season we will use one of four meeting points depending on the nature of the day. These are the Red Flag, Seavy Rigg, Greena and the car park at The Inn at Brough.  All of these locations are marked on the attached map and individual teams will be briefed on their particular meeting point. It is intended that this arrangement will be temporary in nature as I am looking into developing our own bespoke meeting point and lunch facilities. More on this in due course.

I should also explain High Helbeck. Since the estate is being divided into different ownerships following the death of my mother two years ago, it is helpful to distinguish the land over which the shoot operates from land that is owned by other members of may family and accordingly I have adopted the term High Helbeck to refer to the area over which the shoot operates. It is also a nice description of the shooting itself.