Grouse shooting

At High Helbeck we have a small grouse moor which is ideal for teams looking to shoot between 50 and 70 brace (in a reasonable year).Typically a day will comprise four drives with a hot sit down lunch.  Transport on the moor is a combination of 4 x 4 vehicles and Argo Cats, some walking is usually involved but if necessary this can be kept to a minimum with the hire of an additional Argo.

High Helbeck is a high moor with the highest point reaching just over 2000 ft. Almost all our driven grouse days are offered on a fixed price basis although we can offer overage and underage as an alternative to teams that prefer to pay that way.  Lunch on our driven grouse days is served in our main lunch hut at Seavy Rigg.

In addition to driven grouse we offer walked up grouse shooting in August and September. We prefer to restrict these days to six or seven guns and charge by the brace. We also cater for those wishing to shoot grouse over pointers. Most of our walked up teams bring their own picnic lunch although we can provide a light field lunch if required.

Cure Parkinson's Trust

Grouse & Grapes

We are delighted to support the City Grouse and Grapes lunch each year which raises important funds and awareness for Cure Parkinson’s Trust. We have supplied the grouse for the last two years and would be delighted to continue to do so.

We had an amazing day on the 25 September 2015 on the grouse and partridge. Superb birds in a stunning location, can’t wait for Helbeck 2016!!

Jason AW

October 2015

Helbeck is an exceptional place. The moor is absolutely beautiful and incredibly well taken care of by headkeeper Ben, partner Vicky and the rest of the team. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in every single detail from booking to the actual shoot day. The grouse are simply spectacular. We are incredibly grateful to the Blackett-Ord family who make Helbeck the highlight of every season for us! We will be back as often as you have us!

Santiago H

September 2015