Mixed days & outside days

In addition to the types of day described elsewhere on this site we can offer a variety of mixed and outside days to suit particular needs. In particular:

Our grouse / partridge combination days in September are very popular, particularly with teams that are not experienced grouse shots but that are keen to give it a try.

In October and November everything is in season and we can offer either walked up or mini-driven “species” days. We have a number of ponds on the estate and are able to offer morning or evening duck flighting, which can be combined with a larger shoot day, or alternatively we can offer a dedicated wild fowling day.

If you have a particular requirement, just ask and we will see what we can do.

Springing teal off the lightly frosted, high, moor edge; late season grouse curling with the wind over and away from the line, pigeons breaking over tree tops at the head of a gully, pheasants and partridges tipping a wing along the contours across the wind, dogs quartering the rough grassed ground,  enough said.

Jeremy S